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US versions of many of these drama teaching materials are now available from the Arts On The Move store on the Teachers Pay Teachers website.

Alison Chaplin


A Suitably Happy Ending

A Suitably Happy Ending - the Musical [Download]

A Suitably Happy Ending - the Musical [Paperback]

And Then We Were At War...

Coronation Fleet

Crime Doesn't Pay

Dream On

Fairy Crystal and the Really Big Lie

Hamlet, the Murder Mystery

Harry Rings, Lord of the Potters

Love Me Tender

Murder Mayhem at Mayview Manor!

Peter's Problem

Sausages For Tea


The Ballad of Mulan

The Big Ship Sails

The Clown Who Couldn't Smile

The History of the Theatre - Part One

The Legend of St George and the Dragon

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

The Rise and Fall of Lord Macbeth

The Trouble With Young People Today

The War of the Vegetables

The Witch Who Nicked Happiness

The Xmas Factor

Three Murders, a Suicide and a Near Miss

Whistle As You Walk Away

Teaching Materials

An Introduction to Hamlet

Cinderella: From Story to Script

Drama Achievement Reports

Drama Club Lesson Plans

Drama Club Starter Pack

Drama Methods And How To Use Them

Drama Vocabulary Worksheet Pack

Exploring Stories Behind News Headlines

Facebook Profile Drama Worksheet Pack

Games for Groups

Hamlet Outline Notes

KS1 Poetry Into Performance Lesson Plan

KS2 Classroom Drama Lessons

KS2 Drama and Theatre Home Work Activities Pack

KS3 Drama and Theatre Home Work Activities Pack

Line Learning Methods

Matilda Mini Script

Primary School Drama Policy

Role On The Wall Drama Worksheet Pack

Shakespearean Insults

Simple Script

Socially Distanced Drama Games and Activities

Storyboards Drama Worksheet Pack

The Hamlet Rap

The Shakespeare Series Bundle

WW1 Poetry Into Performance

Zoom Performance Pack

Anthony James and Tim Spencer


The Monster of the Maze [mini-musical]

Barbara Hockley


May Contain Nuts!

The Frog King

Clive Hulme

Teaching Materials

Boal and Forum Theatre

Christmas Is Cancelled

Cover Pack 1

Cover Pack 2

Cover Pack Bundle

Differentiation in Drama

Drama - The First Six Lessons

How to Write a Script

Pair Plays


Radio Gaga

Ten Scripts Bundle

Ten Short Scripts

Ten Slightly Longer Scripts

The Humpty Files

The Monologue Pack

The Technique

Theatre Timeline


Christmas Is Cancelled


Just a Video

Radio Gaga

Clive Hulme and Chris Rowley


One for Sorrow


Teaching Materials

One for Sorrow


Ikenna Molobe and Elias Ozikpu

Teaching Materials


Janet Baird

Teaching Materials

Creative and Crafty A-Z

Saint Andrew Drama Lesson Plan

Katherine Brookes

Teaching Materials

Henry VIII

Pompeii and The Romans

The Ancient Greeks: Monster of the Maze

The Anglo Saxons

The Egyptians - The Boy King

The Stuarts - The Gunpowder Plot

Lucy Daniel Raby

Teaching Materials


Life Lessons

Mini Scripts Drama Pack

Lucy Daniel Raby & Duncan McIntosh


Kill The Lights

Lucy Daniel Raby; Music by Geoff Tinniswood


Nickolai of the North

Paul Roland


A Day In The Life

The House Guest

The Last Victim

Teaching Materials

A Day In The Life

The House Guest

The Last Victim

Rebecca Lyon


Anne of Cleves, Super Queen!

Boss Boudicca and Her Fearsome Friends

Rob Hockley


Darkness in the Night

War and Cake

Tony Dalton and Tim Spencer


Athens - It Could Be You! [mini-musical]

Athens - To Vote or Not to Vote? [mini-musical]

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