• Select an appropriate audition piece that’s suitable for your personality, voice and vocal range. Don’t pick something that’s too difficult to sing or play on a piano. Then practise. Be prepared to sight sing, and learn how to do that. Get a teacher or musical director to work with you on singing unknown pieces on sight. 
  • Keep your voice ready. Use it regularly, sing every day if possible. Vocal chords are like muscles and they need exercise to be kept warm and supple.
  • Know the musical or show that you’re auditioning for and either audition with a song from that show, or something in a similar style and range.
  • Prepare! Allow plenty of time to learn your audition material. Practise with a pianist as well as a backing track. Get your sheet music ready and read it; know the nuances, tempo changes, changes in musical direction and key changes. Have single pages of sheet music ready for the pianist at the audition. Learn the lyrics!
  • Rehearse your performance. Singing is as much about acting and projecting character as it is about voice. Understand your character and learn how to get them across to an audience. Think about the lyrics and what they express. Practise your piece so that it becomes underpinned with the emotions you’re trying to convey.
  • Arrive on time and ready to sing. Dress appropriately – but never in costume. Don’t wear anything too tight-fitting, or shoes you can’t move in.
  • Be confident. Smile, make eye contact. Listen to and acknowledge instructions. If something goes wrong just carry on. Don’t let on that you’ve made a mistake. Stay in role. Never apologise. Never make excuses.  
  • Be courteous and friendly to everyone, including the pianist. Know what you need and ask for it politely. Be personable but not over-talkative. Try to control your nerves – save your voice for singing!
  • Just sing! Don’t wander about, dance or act it out. Do use hand and arm movements, or gestures, if they seem natural and part of the song. Learn the power of being still and belting out your song.
  • If you get a call back, wear the same outfit as you wore in your previous audition. This way you’re more likely to be remembered.
  • Enjoy! This is a singing audition and you love to sing. Embrace the whole experience and make the most of the opportunity. 

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