by Alison Chaplin

This extract is adapted from the short play script, Coronation Fleet, a soap opera set in space.  As the characters are completely imaginary you can create them in any way you like. The scene is set at a work station on a spaceship, where two of the technicians are trying to mend equipment.

Two characters. Male or Female. Ages 6 - 12

TELERAN: (Worried) Where’s Alar with those connection chips?

COSMOS: Don’t know.

TELERAN: If we don’t get this finished we’re going to fail the inspection.

COSMOS: I thought we were going to fail it anyway because it’s like Alar is on another planet.  Well not another planet precisely, but you know what I mean.

TELERAN: This is no time to be stupid Cosmos.

COSMOS: Will you tell me when it is time then, Teleran?

TELERAN: Oh give it a rest!

Cosmos sits down with a sigh

TELERAN: What are you doing?  We’ve got important work to do!

COSMOS: I’m giving it a rest, my legs are really aching.

TELERAN: I don’t believe you! Get up and keep working! We’ve got to get this workstation ready in time or we won’t be doing any more work, ever.

COSMOS: (Thinking about this) Well, in that case, wouldn’t it be better if we didn’t finish? 

TELERAN: We won’t be doing any more work because we won’t exist.  The inspectors will eradicate us. (He makes a sinister throat-cutting gesture.)

COSMOS: Oh. (Pauses and looks off-stage)  Where IS Alar with those connection chips?

The communication pad buzzes and Teleran picks up the receiver

TELERAN: Oh there you are, Alar. Where are those chips? We need them urgently. (S/he listens to the reply)  You dropped them on the stairs? Well what condition are they in? (S/he listens again) Well it’s not much good if most of them are smashed. Nice one, Alar.  What are we supposed to do now? Is there another box? No, I knew there wouldn’t be. That’s great! Just great. Go and see if any can be salvaged and get back to me fast. Fast! (S/he hangs up)

COSMOS: Could we just use the ones that aren’t damaged?

TELERAN: No there won’t be enough. We needed all of them. Oh I hate this sort of stress.

COSMOS: Well, what if we took some out of the other workstations and just sort of moved them around a bit, you know, swap them over while the inspector wasn’t looking?

TELERAN: We couldn’t do that because they are designed individually for each workstation. They don’t work in any others. Right! One of us is going to have to tell the captain about this.

COSMOS: He’s not going to be pleased is he?


COSMOS: Then I’m not doing it.

TELERAN: And I’m not doing it. I’ve already had to tell him about the fuse missing from the sonic alternator. I’ve done my bit.

COSMOS: Well, Alar will have to do it then.

TELERAN: Yes, he broke them so he’ll have to face the consequences.

COSMOS: Exactly.

TELERAN: I’m glad it isn’t me telling the captain.

COSMOS: Me too.

TELERAN: I’ll go and find Alar. (He starts to go then turns back) Cosmos….

COSMOS: Yes Teleran?

TELERAN: You can give it a rest now.

COSMOS: (Smiling) Oh thanks, Teleran, thanks very much. (S/he sits)

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