Alison Chaplin

Arts On The Move is a versatile and innovative company run by Alison Chaplin MA, an experienced drama teacher, award-winning playwright, and youth theatre director. In operation since 1995, the company enjoys providing high-quality creative resources and support for teachers, drama practitioners, young actors and youth theatre directors. 

As an individual who has been involved in drama and theatre since she was three years old, Alison loves sharing her passion for the arts through her workshops, play scripts and the Arts On The Move website. Having taught, acted and directed, Alison has a unique perspective into what customers need - great ideas, excellent resources, good contacts, accessible information and speedy service - and on providing exactly that.

The Arts On The Move website is a one-stop-shop for anyone involved in the creative or performing arts. It combines a huge range of free to download information with quality, tailor-made, resources. The aim of the site is that any teacher, drama practitioner, director or young actor can visit and find exactly what they need - and much more! Arts On The Move is also there to provide support for any struggling creative who might need guidance, practical advice, or just a sympathetic ear. 

Alison believes that creativity is what gives any society its heart. Everyone has some creativity within them, and the joy of discovering it raises self-esteem like nothing else. At the centre of any creative activity is the ethos of shared experience; of being part of one great thing. With this in mind, Arts On The Move strives to share its knowledge, experience, and the joy of its creative encounters with the world.

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