Here are some great duologues – speeches for two characters – for young actors aged 6 – 12 years. These are ideal for speech and drama festivals, exams and audition practice. They would also work well as prompts for improvisation activities in the drama classroom. Many of the duologues have been adapted from play scripts that are available on this website – links to the relevant plays are included – and a couple are completely original. I have also included suggestions for other two-character scripts that would work well and provide a challenge for younger performers. It’s advisable that any students performing in festivals read the whole play script before working on their duologue. Knowing the whole of the text will give young actors a much stronger sense of their character, and their place within the story.

Suggested alternatives for this age group are:  Simple Script and Pair Plays (available in the Arts On The Move e-shop)

Other books containing duologues are also available.

Coronation Fleet

Coronation FleetA duologue adapted from the short play script, Coronation Fleet, a soap opera set in space.


The Trousers

An original duologue by Alison Chaplin - two brothers and a pair of damaged new trousers...


A Suitably Happy Ending

A Suitably Happy EndingAn extract adapted from the short play script A Suitably Happy Ending, a comic fairy tale introducing witches, goblins and other fantasy characters.


Fairy Crystal and the Really Big Lie

Fairy Crystal and the Really Big LieThis extract is adapted from the short play script Fairy Crystal and the Really Big Lie, a fairy story.


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