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Drama - The First Six Lessons

by Clive Hulme

"I've just purchased The First Six Lessons and it's fabulous!" 
Sian Shirlaw, Facebook


This is a fun unit for the first six lessons of Year 7. There are six very detailed lesson plans which guide students from mime into a group-rehearsed presentation. Students evaluate their own and others' work and end up setting targets for improvement. You - of course - get a baseline assessment.

There are 30+ pages of lessons and support materials which include evaluation and target-setting sheets, lots and lots of links to materials (video and music) and copious teacher notes.

The scheme aims:

To introduce students to essential Drama skills in their first few lessons;
To make the learning fun and engaging;
To make students strive for better achievement and higher attainment;
To enable the teacher to formally assess students using the department’s system;
To enable students to set targets for their learning.

Levels are included; use your current system or the one included here.

Type: lesson plan, scheme of work
Subject: techniques and strategies, general
Age Range:KS3


This resource can be purchased as a download-only version, available in both Acrobat (pdf) and Word (docx) formats. Both versions are included in the price. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or similar) and/or Word-compatible software.

ISBN: n/a
Price: £8.00

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