by Alison Chaplin

This extract is adapted from the short play script Fairy Crystal and the Really Big Lie, a fairy story introducing goblins, pixies, other fairy tale characters – and a fairy who can’t tell the truth! The pixie and fairy are talking together near to the fairy colony.

Two characters. Female. Ages 6 - 12 years.


NIMBUS, a pixie, is by herself in the meadow near to the fairy colony. She can be picking flowers, or making a daisy chain, or sitting reading a book when FAIRY CRYSTAL enters, looking very fed up.

NIMBUS: Hi, Crystal! (Notices her sad face) Why are you looking so fed up?

CRYSTAL: Have you seen Twinkle?


CRYSTAL: Oh, good. I’m keeping out of her way. She’s really mad at me.


CRYSTAL: Oh, just a little misunderstanding about her fairy dust.

NIMBUS: If it was a misunderstanding, why is she angry with you?

CRYSTAL: I don’t know.

A scream and a thud is heard offstage

NIMBUS: Was that another fairy dying? Did you just tell lie then, Crystal?

CRYSTAL: Only a little one.

NIMBUS: Oh, well, that’s all right then. That fairy will only be a little dead, won’t she?

CRYSTAL: Oh, don’t you start being horrible to me as well.

NIMBUS: So why is Twinkle mad at you?

CRYSTAL: Well, firstly because I knocked her fairy dust all over the place and then because I lied about doing it.

NIMBUS: It was probably the lying more than anything else.

CRYSTAL: I know.

NIMBUS: So why do you tell lies, then? If you didn’t make things up, people wouldn’t get angry with you.

CRYSTAL: (Sarcastically) Oh, well done big brain!

NIMBUS: There’s no need to be rude! I’m only trying to help.

CRYSTAL: I’m sorry. I’m just so fed up, that’s all.

NIMBUS: If you keep on lying, the fairies will banish you, you know.

CRYSTAL: I know. (Pause) Well, if that happens, I’ll have to come and live with you pixies, won’t I?

NIMBUS looks serious

NIMBUS: I think you’re forgetting something, Crystal. Pixies are fairies as well, remember.


NIMBUS: That means that you won’t be able to stay with the pixies, either. No fairies means no fairies.

CRYSTAL: Well where could I go?

NIMBUS: The gnomes might have you. (Thinking) Except that they hate fairies.

CRYSTAL: (Nodding) And they smell.

NIMBUS: And all that facial hair… (Shuddering) …yeucck!


NIMBUS: So it looks like the only solution is to tell the truth from now on.

CRYSTAL: You’re right.

NIMBUS: It might be a good idea to apologise to Twinkle, too.

CRYSTAL: Yes, I’ll go and do that now.

NIMBUS: Good luck!


NIMBUS: (Shaking her head) It’s going to take something really big to stop that fairy from telling lies – and that’s the truth!

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