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An Introduction to Hamlet

by Alison Chaplin

A short scheme of work for Upper KS2 / Lower KS3 that introduces students to the story of Hamlet. Ideal for groups, and practitioners, who are new to drama and to Shakespeare. The scheme uses a short extract from the play and develops this through movement, presentations, freezes, role play, mime and narration. The scheme aims to provide an introduction to Shakespeare's great tragedy but it is also great for helping to demystify Shakespeare's language, and for introducing students to a range of drama methodology.

Type: lesson plan, scheme of work
Subject: Shakespeare
Age Range:KS2, KS3


This resource can be purchased as a download-only version, available in both Acrobat (pdf) and Word (docx) formats. Both versions are included in the price. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or similar) and/or Word-compatible software.

ISBN: n/a
Price: £5.00

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