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Public Performances

The scripts and musicals on this website can be used as a classroom resource, or for performances in schools, youth theatres and drama groups. The Arts On The Move authors have worked hard to produce high quality material for you and it is therefore only fair that they should receive a fee for providing you with a great performance opportunity. So if you are giving a public performance of any of the scripts or musicals on this website, you must purchase an appropriate Performance Rights Licence.

What is a public performance?

If your audience contains external visitors to your school or group, for example, family members and friends, child guardians and representatives, visiting students from other schools and organisations, primary school students, dignitaries and governors, or members of the public, your performance will be classed as a public performance and a licence must be purchased. This applies whether an admission charge is made or not.

Performance Rights Licences do not need to be purchased if the script is being read amongst students in your class, if a performance is being given ‘in-house’ and only to those who attend your school or group on a regular basis such as students and staff, or if the only ‘visitor’ is an external examiner.

Performance Rights Licences must be purchased prior to any public performance. Any school, youth theatre or drama group staging a public performance without a required licence shall be deemed in breach of licensing requirements. A retrospective licence fee (£100 per performance or 50% of box office, whichever is greater) will become immediately payable. Your premises and liability insurance could also be negated due to staging unauthorised performances.

Arts On The Move offers a choice of two licences for your public performances:

Single Performance Rights Licence

This allows your school or group to give ONE performance of the named play and is valid for two months from the purchase date. It’s great for giving instant, one-off, performances of a play, sketch, or musical, for example, at a school assembly, during celebrations or on topic days.

Multiple Performance Rights Licence

This allows your school or group to give UP TO FIVE performances of the named play and is valid for six months from the purchase date. It’s great for longer rehearsal periods and for giving several performances of a play, sketch, or musical, for example, at holiday, summer or end of term shows.

Performance and Distribution Rights Licence

This single use licence is for radio plays and audio recordings. It allows one recording of a radio play to be made available to the wider public – anyone who is not a full time attendee at your school or drama group. The licence also allows you to broadcast your recording on websites, podcasts, as an online performance or other audio formats.

If your performance is not covered by the conditions of any of these licences, or you’re unsure about which licence to purchase, please contact Arts On The Move or call 0161 881 0868 for advice and support.

Licences for Paperback Editions

The paperback editions of play scripts and musicals all come with a free Single Performance Rights Licence which allows one performance of the named play and is valid for two months from the purchase date. Stock availability of paperback play editions is limited.

Photocopying Scripts

Permission is granted to copy play scripts for use only by the purchasing organisation for distribution within one group or class, and for rehearsal or performance purposes only.

Changes To Text

Major revisions of the text, including adding scenes or characters, should not be made without prior permission of the author. Authors can be contacted via Arts On The Move.

Audio or Video Recordings

No photographic, video digital and/or audio recordings of performances should be made without prior permission of Arts On The Move. Email Arts On The Move to gain permission.


Copying of music CDs or MP3 files is only permitted for purposes associated with rehearsals and performance. Permission must be sought to give a public performance of the songs or music separately from the musicals, in circumstances unconnected with the licensed performance.


The name of the author and, in the case of musicals, the composer, must be displayed on all forms of advertising, digital, electronic and promotional material including posters, programmes, leaflets, press releases, websites and blogs produced in connection with any performance.

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