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Allsorts Drama

Drama classes in NW3: 4-18yrs (Sat am); SW7: 4-18yrs (Fri after school); SW15: 4-18yrs (Sat am); W11: 4-11yrs (Sat am). Summer courses: 20-24; 27-31 July 9.30am-12.30pm at Princes Gate. £120/course with 20% sibling discount. The Adventures of Drake Dragon and Penny Princess ages 4-6. The One-Inch Boy ages 7-12. Please mention Arts On The Move in all enquiries.


NAYT (National Association of Youth Theatres) supports the development of youth theatre and young people's involvement in theatre through a professional programme of training, advocacy, information services and events. Please quote Arts On The Move in all enquiries.

Primary Science Workshops offer fun and safe science workshops for key stage two in primary schools. Their workshops are currently based around two themes, “From rockets to rovers” and “incredible inventions” and both themes feature a range of exciting activities such as designing and firing rockets, powering a real steam train around a track and using a genuine electric telegraph machine.

Little Actors Theatre Company

Little Actors Theatre Company specialises in drama for young people. We believe that drama is an excellent way for children to learn social, communication and literacy skills; to build confidence and to have fun. Please quote Arts On The Move in all enquiries.

Sword Fencing For Schools

Fancy a little swashbuckling in the school hall? This site offers fun and safe sword fencing days for KS2 pupils, with ‘best fencer’ medals and a trophy for up to 130 pupils in a single day.

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