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The Legend of St George and the Dragon

by Alison Chaplin

The Legend of St George and the Dragon tells the story of how the courageous, honourable and kind Knight, George, became Saint George. When the City of Silene is terrorised by a dragon, the King is unable to help but brave George arrives just in time to slay the beast and save the people. This is a fabulous short and simple version of one of our most enduring legends.

If you are giving a public performance of this play you must purchase a performing rights licence, available below.

Cast: 20
Runtime: 30 mins
Age Range:KS2, KS3
Genre: comedy
Type: one act


This play can be purchased as a download-only version in Acrobat (pdf) format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or a similar PDF reader).

This version DOES NOT include performing rights.

This version includes a Full Cast/Character List, Production Notes with suggestions for props, costumes and staging, and Follow-On Activities for further work in the classroom.

ISBN: 978-1-906153-49-6
Price: £10.00

Performing Rights Licence

Note: some versions do not include performing rights within the price. If you are giving a performance of this play, then you will need a performing rights licence for any version that does not explicitly include it. The licence allows you to give up to five public performances of this play and is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. For longer performance runs, please contact info@artsonthemove.co.uk.

ISBN: n/a
Price: £20.00

+44 (0)161 881 0868


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