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Kill The Lights

by Lucy Daniel Raby & Duncan McIntosh

Kill the Lights is a tense sci fi drama in one act. On a hot summer’s night, a group of squabbling teenagers are having a sleepover in a lonely farmhouse. When they are attacked by unseen alien invaders, they are forced to reconcile their differences and work together as a team.
During the course of the night, secrets are revealed as they confront each other and their own fears, learning more about each other and themselves. This is a good piece for young actors and ideal for a youth theatre workshop or a one act festival.

If you are giving a public performance of this play you must purchase a performing rights licence, available below.

Cast: 8
Runtime: 45 mins
Age Range:KS3
Genre: sci-fi
Type: one act


This play can be purchased as a download-only version in Acrobat (pdf) format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or a similar PDF reader).

This version DOES NOT include performing rights.

This version DOES NOT include production notes or follow-on activities.

ISBN: 978-1-906153-51-9
Price: £15.00

Performing Rights Licence

Note: some versions do not include performing rights within the price. If you are giving a performance of this play, then you will need a performing rights licence for any version that does not explicitly include it. The licence allows you to give up to five public performances of this play and is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. For longer performance runs, please contact info@artsonthemove.co.uk.

ISBN: n/a
Price: £20.00

+44 (0)161 881 0868


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