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Sociodrama - A Brief Outline

Sociodrama is a way of simulating what happens in life in order to: explore social issues; develop greater understanding between groups and individuals; problem-solve and make decisions; experiment and try out new options; rehearse new roles and strategies and predict outcomes. Sociodrama is concerned with social learning in a group. A sociodramatist will base their work around an understanding of the roles people play, the systems within which they work and the social forces which impinge on the situation being examined.

By using role reversal, doubling, sculpting and role playing within a number of different scenes, sociodrama is based on many of the principles of adult learning: it draws on people's experiences; is relevant to their concerns; it engages people in the learning process and follows the learning cycle of people being involved in a learning experience, which they have time to reflect and theorise upon afterwards before planning new actions.

Sociodramatists are always concerned about the wider social, political and economic influences operating in any particular situation. The real world doesn't always work according to text book formulae. People make decisions from a combination of external and internal factors and sociodrama gives people the opportunity to explore these different facets.

In the context of education, sociodrama can be used in teaching to enable students to explore situations from a variety of viewpoints and gain a better understanding of why decisions were taken and what other options were on offer.


Creative Training by Ron Wiener, ISBN 1853024228
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 1997

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