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How Joining a Theater Group or Acting Class Can Develop Creativity in Children

by Annabelle Fee

Your child is a fan of all those Disney Channel shows and has developed an interest in joining the school's theater group. What do you do? Should you let your child take part in a school's play or join an acting class as you might think it could affect their academic performance?

The answer should ideally be yes! Not only your child will enjoy being a part of a school play, he will also benefit from it in a lot of other ways that help could him/her to become a confident, innovative, and creative individual.

Participating in drama classes could expand their imaginative ideas and the way they think and approach things in their everyday lives. And the participation in such activities does not affect the overall academic performance of the children.

Quite the contrary, it enhances the academic performance of the children; there have been numerous studies that could prove that the students who participate in extracurricular activities such as drama and theater tend to be smarter and score higher as compared to the children who don't as far as it is concerned.

Reasons You Should Enroll Your Kid into an Acting and Drama Class Right Now

  • Participating in acting classes or joining a drama group could help your child build confidence in himself/herself and remove the stage fear so that your child is comfortable when in the spotlight.
  • Such groups and classes award opportunities to children to become socially active. They get to interact with new people and make new friends.
  • It will expand your child's mind in order to make him/her ability to think creatively and come with innovative ideas
  • Being a part of the drama clubs in schools helps your kid become aware of the cultures across the globe resulting in broadmindedness
  • Participating in such plays help the students understand the importance of working as a team and to obtain collective goals.
  • The musicals could make your child learn some musical instruments
  • Participating in such dramas and plays can inculcate a sense of humor in your child.
  • Such plays also allow your kid to become eloquent along with having a rich vocabulary that might be beneficial for him/her throughout the life.
  • Your child will learn to connect with people and understand the significance of different emotional states of mind such as anger, sadness, and happiness among others.
  • The dramas and plays allow you to develop leadership skills that help you throughout your personal and professional life.
  • Participating in such plays helps your kid to handle the pressure situations and improvise in case of any mishaps.

The kids who go to acting classes or are a part of the drama clubs/ theater groups become well equipped to handle and excel in all areas of life. With a good tutor, you could help your child become a more understanding and confident grown up. Trust me, they are going to thank you later in life!

Annabelle Fee is part of the Content and Community team at SmileTutor, sharing valuable content to their own community and beyond.


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