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Drama in the Primary School

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Drama at Key Stage 3

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Drama at Key Stage 3

Although drama is still not a discrete subject in many secondary schools, its inclusion within the 'Speaking and Listening' strand of the English National Curriculum has ensured that its profile and placement within the secondary sector is much stronger.

Under 'speaking and listening' it is clearly stated that pupils should be taught 'knowledge, skills and understanding' through drama activities, and that these should include:

  • Improvisation and working in role;
  • Devising, scripting and performing in plays;
  • Discussing and reviewing their own and others' performances.

Elsewhere, there is specific reference in 'reading' to pupils tackling plays, and it is expected that two plays by Shakespeare must be studied (one by the end of Key Stage 3) as well as 'drama by major playwrights' (a recommended list is provided).

Within 'writing' it is expected that pupils will produce play scripts and screenplays and, of course, analysis or review of dramatic productions. However, it is important to bear in mind that drama retains its own pedagogy outside the English curriculum. How pupils are taught to use physical gesture, convey relationships on stage through position, speed of movement, use of lighting, forms of staging, and so on, are all areas that deserve attention and development.

What Every Well-Equipped Drama Studio Needs

Drama and Students with Special Needs

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