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Primary Drama Workshops

Secondary Drama Workshops

Primary Drama INSET

Secondary Drama INSET

Shakespeare Week

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Primary Drama Workshops

Maths / Science

Evolution and Inheritance

Pupils learn all about the Theory of Evolution and its history in a fun, collaborative, science day. The workshop begins with an interactive timeline, covering from early humans and fossils, and explores key personalities such as Charles Darwin. Pupils also learn all about the evolution of the human body in a unique PE session.

Most suitable for: Year 6 / KS2

Duration: Full day

Course Provider: Balestra Workshops



Tales from the Dinner Plate

This drama day is packed full of fun and interesting ways to teach children about healthy eating choices, understanding the local and global impact of food on the planet & on people's lives.

Reception - Oh You Sweet Things
Yr 1 - Healthy Habits Pizza Party
Yr 2 - Stories from Misha's suitcase
Yr 3 - Future Food Scientists to the Rescue
Yr 4 - The Oil Game
Yr 5 - The Ministry of Future Food
Yr 6 - Sustainable City Trade Game

They will cover curriculum areas such as science, geography, maths, PSHE and English, citizenship, speaking and listening.

Most suitable for: Year 1 to Year 6

Duration: Full day

Course Provider: Hilary


tel: 01508 498853

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